Live Show Recording

Create a “Live at Chaplin’s” Record! This is a valuable promotional tool and a product for you to sell. Your show will be mixed and mastered by experienced engineers and ready to go in 1-2 weeks.
Your choice of up to two camera angles. We will mix and master audio, then edit the video for a finished product. After the audio is mastered it replaces the ambient audio from the camera mic leaving you with a visually stunning product.

The prices for these are based on set lengths:
30 minutes
Audio Only $125. One camera $150. Two cameras $200.

45 – 60 Minutres
Audio Only $125. One Camera $200. Two cameras $300.

60 + Minutes
Audio Only $175. One Camera $300. Two Cameras $350.



For those who have the gear and the knowledge, you can purchase the raw files which will waive our production costs. To contact us for any audio, video, or photography related inquiries: