Studio Session Recording

Leverage the naturally beautiful acoustics of our listening room for a live tracking room. Offering a comfortable and warm environment for you to reach your creative peak and capturing it on the spot. Chaplin's has taken it's next step in supporting our local artists by helping to develop their sound.

Make your songs come to life!

Check out some of Chaplin's sessions below




We offer:

  • Music Production
  • Corporate Audio Video Production
  • Voiceovers
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Mastering
  • Music Videos
  • Live Studio Session Videos
  • Session Musicians

Recording and production rates start at $50/hr. We offer many ways to get a great sounding record: individual tracking, dubbing, live studio session, live show recording (see live recording page).

Projects do vary in time and costs so it important to speak with one of us to help you plan your record.

Singer/songwriter production:

Alyssa Garcia - Sincerely Me

Produced by Chris Cachuela

Drums - Tre Todd
Bass - Ryan Leaver
Guitar-  Zach Alex


David Stango – Good Day

Produced by Chris Cachuela

Drums- Tre Todd
Bass and Guitar- Zach Alex

Live Studio Sessions:

The Lunar Year - Hey Mister Gray

Recorded and filmed by Chris Cachuela


Natalie Bermudez - Don't Let Me Down (by The Chainsmokers cover)

Recorded and Produced by Chris Cachuela